Extreme Modular Asset -Mobilier-

When i started to create this environment i wanted to push my skills further in the creation of modular assets.
I begun by modeling one object and totally textured it, then i played with symmetry, bend or taper modifier inside 3Ds max to create over two hundred models in a really short time. All are aligned on the grid and easily adjustable one to each other to quickly make awsome room environments.
I also did a lot of research on lighting in Unreal Engine 4 to achieve this result.
I played with materials to finally get a tweakable environment  just by adjusting values, that allows me to reuse the same models and create totally differents mood in a blink of an eye!
As always i did that during my spare time and had great pleasure to do it.


© 2015 Pierre "Snakos" Le Strat  


3DCG designer, game artist, Tokyo

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